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[ViuTV] How can it be

Accepted interview in ViuTV program, two episodes in a row, divided into four topics.

Episode 1: https://youtu.be/VtzdfDhRqYc

1. The epidemic has accelerated the development of information technology for six years: online teaching for thousands of people, online conferences, and long-term changes in teaching methods

2. How to explore investment opportunities from the perspective of investors: Start-ups need to attract investors, use the method of elimination to find companies with development potential, and success lies in being able to address pain points

Episode 2: https://youtu.be/TySIwU6dyh4

3. FinTech professionals have not graduated and have Freelance: science and technology learning and training logical thinking, academic qualifications are not equivalent to professional skills

4. New Business Trends Social Commerce Social Commerce: live streaming with goods becomes a new trend, new retail concepts replace the old promotion model, stall economy is more suitable for online platforms, and limited resources are combined and brought into play