Government Appointments


The primary function of PPDH is to provide the facilities for the training of dentists and other persons in professions supplementary to dentistry.  The responsibility for the teaching activities is vested in the Faculty of Dentistry, the University of Hong Kong.


to promote Hong Kong’s digit tech industry; to support the Cyberport Incubation Programme as well as the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Scheme; to provide consultancy and advice to Cyberport’s Entrepreneurs Team.



Dissemination and Promotion Sub-committee Member
( 2019 - 2021 )

  • to identify ideas, practices & experiences;
  • to formulate dissemination & promotion strategies;
  • to formulate territory-wide strategies;
  • to review and evaluate the effectiveness

( 2018 - 2021 )

Through interaction with mentors, startups can learn about: Defining your company strategy and vision Rethinking and prioritising your company goals Leading and influencing Building effective relationships Leveraging resources and networks Broadening your business perspectives Understanding, at an in-depth level, the opportunities in your sector / industry



Justices of the Peace Assistance Scheme
( 2017 - 2021 )

Justices of the Peace Assistance Scheme

Referring complaints to this Office, drawing this Office’s attention to areas of concerns or deficiencies in public administration and sharing their views on good governance.

Assessment Panel Member
( 2017 - 2019 )

Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS):

  • to encourage the private sector to invest in research and development (R&D)
  • to fund each approved project up to HK$10 million
  • project period should be < 2 years.

Justices of the Peace
( 2017 - 2021 )

  • to visit any custodial institution or detained person;
  • to take and receive declarations and to perform any other functions under the Oaths and Declarations Ordinance;
  • to perform such other functions as may be imposed by the Chief Executive.

Advisory Committee Member
( 2017 - 2021 )

The $2 billion ITVF is set up to create a more vibrant and thriving start-up ecosystem in Hong Kong through attracting more private venture capital (VC) funds to co-invest in local innovation and technology start-ups.

Steering Committee Member
( 2017 - 2021 )

CDF aims to support longer-term development of children from a disadvantaged background, with a view to alleviating inter-generational poverty.


( 2016 - 2021 )

  • Convenor, IT Working Group
  • Standing Committee Members, Finance and Strategic Development; Licensing; Professional Development

( 2016 - 2017 )

  • Convenor, IT Advisory Group
  • Vice-Chairman, Publicity and Community Relations Committee
  • Member, Trade Practices and Consumer Complaints Review Committee

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Panel Lay Member
( 2015 - 2021 )

Section 9 of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance, Chapter 159

Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme: Mentorship
( 2015 - 2021 )

HKSES was launched in 2014 to support outstanding local students to pursue studies in world renowned universities outside Hong Kong


Transport Tribunals’ Panel Member
( 2013 - 2020 )


Advisory Committee Member (Tertiary Education Representative)
( 2012 - 2019 )

  • to advise on the management and administration of EDF
  • to make recommendations on project proposals and SBPS programmes
  • to offer any other advice and support as requested by EDB