The Use of Big Data to Facilitate Industry 4.0


The Use of Big Data to Facilitate Industry 4.0

Conference on Advanced Materials and Industry 4.0, Hong Kong

In business environment, big data analysis is the use of advanced computing technologies on huge data sets to discover valuable correlations, patterns, trends, and preferences so that companies can make better decisions. How is big data analytics used in Industry 4.0? In Industry 4.0, big data analysis plays a role in some areas, especially in smart factories, where sensor data from production machinery is analyzed to provide self-service systems, predict maintenance, reduce downtime, automate production management, improve warehouse processes, eliminate bottleneck and so on.

If there is no big data, what will happen to Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 is based on life big data, and big data continues to grow based on these data. The interconnection among many systems and the ability to analyze large amounts of data make it possible for the existence of intelligent machines that can make wise decisions without any human intervention.

What is the biggest challenge on the use of big data to facilitate Industry 4.0? How to extract value from manufacturing big data in order to achieve merging quality and production data to improve production quality, empower customers, predict demand, improve security, achieve load optimisation, enhance supply chain management and non-conformity analysis?